A vineyard …
The vineyard is one of the first vineyards planted after the Roman invasion of Gaul, there are more than 2000 years.


The Emperor of Rome from the third century, Probus

Decreed that only the Gallic Quercy, in terms of the quality of their wines and their terroirs can replant vines in Gaul 200 years after the decree of grubbing first century.


Pope Jean XXII

Says Cahors, best wine in the world planted Malbec at Fontainebleau.


François 1er

Chosen winegrowers and winemakers from Cahors to the Châteauneuf du Pape.


Tsar Peter the great

Formalizes the Cahors wine as the Court of the Tsars and sacramental wine of the Orthodox Church.

Genesis of field
The desire to awaken a sleeping beauty, and create a large winery in Cahors as there was for eighteen centuries, combining ...

A romantic faith

Cahors wine remains tied closely to the story and the Christian faith. Mass wine of the Orthodox Church for eight centuries, give to Malbec some sacred origins. The village of Roques in his name, as may also be the village of Rocamadour, a direct reference to the image of the Woman of the Apocalypse protected by the rock of the river of water spewed by the dragon.

A magnificent terroir

Les Roques and the surrounding villages benefit from clay and limestone soils and ferruginous among the richest in the world for very low yield an expression at once rich, fine and mineral.

A legendary grape variety

The Malbec grape is the heir of Eminée described by Virgil in the 1st century BC. He had a reputation for producing the best wine in the time of Jesus. Its color is deep purple with blood and dark tones.

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