The terroirs of the Cahors Causse are the best in the world with those of Romanée Conti vineyard.

Genèse du Domaine

The terroirs

The terroir of Roques is today, without a doubt, the most famous of them. This assertion may seem, offhand, particularly stunning, provocative and though it was obvious there are still two centuries, comes from the famous couple Bourguignon, an expert in land that created it is now 21 years old, the first laboratory World soil analysis, the LAMS. Responsible for replanting of Romanée Conti, they are known for the extreme relevance of their positions. They studied over 5000 soil analysis carried out in Europe and the world. Following this, they made the choice of Cahors plateau for their life-size experiments.

The terroir of Cana Roques is characterized by a clayey limestone gathering, according plots, red clay and yellow clay soil to flower. This allows the roots to give a great minerality and freshness unusual for different wines of the Domaine. the ferruginous Finally, there are large quantity but very balanced, which enables the development of spicy flavors, while being very present, never override an opulent fruit and quite unique in the Appellation.

The culture of the vine

The winery Domaine Les Roques Cana practice the rational cultivation. This method allows to control and reduce the use of fertilizer and process chemicals. While pursuing a growing biological and ecological goal, this method does not affect the quality of wines and on the contrary, it ensures their optimum quality, both hygienically than taste.

Our signature : Finesse, freshness and elegance

textDomaine Les Roques de Cana 16-17 Octobre 2010

The winemaking

To ensure the development of this exceptional terroir, Domaine Les Roques de Cana has, from the beginning of winemaking techniques among the most sophisticated tools: open vats of stainless steel, connected instant cold hot system to all of the tanks, two ramps Robots above each vat, vibrating, sorting table, clickers, micro-bubblers, etc.

This equipment ensures the homogeneity of our production from one year to another and preserving the values of our wine which is "The finesse, freshness and elegance."

textDomaine Les Roques de Cana 16-17 Octobre 2010

Wine maturation

Raising the cuvee "the wine of the noces," unoaked wine is made in cement vats for 12 to 16 months, allowing a slow micro-oxygenation of the wine.

The Barrels used in the field are always made from fine grain for vintage "Sanguis Christi" and extra-fine grain for vintage "GRAAL Sanctus". 4-5 different coopers are assembled.

Among them are most commonly found cooperages Nadalié, St. Martin, Cadus and saury. The barrels are renewed each year at 100% for the cuvee GRAAL Sanctus" and 50% for the cuvee "Sanguis Christi".

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